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Bangladesh englouti - Bangladesh under water
Résines mixtes, pièce 1/8 - Mixed resins, piece #1/8.
47 x 37,5 x 4 cm.
Bangladesh with Climate Change is a glance of a potential very gloomy future for Bangladesh... and many other countries on earth, because of one of the announced effects of climate change: sea level rise.
As Bangladesh territory is mostly constituted of the alluvial plains of Ganga and Brahmaputra and lies beneath sea level, the programmed sea level rise would permanently flood much of it, and its more than 150 million inhabitants! No one seems to realise that possible catastrophy in not so far a future, and Bangladeshis even less than anyone else perhaps... 

This ceramic and paint landscape was simply covered with a thick layer of transparent resin which symbolises water. The transparency effect creates a very surreal view of the flooded landscape, enabling nice plays with light at various view angles. It remains harmonious no matter what, as it would go from a natural state into another natural state. Still you might be struck by horror when realizing there are villages beneath the water, and even if everything looks so lively and bright, this is just a dead landscape underneath...

Dans cette série "Changement climatique" je questionne le devenir de la civilisation humaine sur Terre, à mon sens fortement remis en cause par les déséquilibres climatiques à venir, qui ne sont que le reflet des désordres économiques, politiques et sociaux qui s'aggravent. Mais  bizarrement cette vision n'en est pas moins empreinte de poésie et de beauté...

In this "Climate Change" series, I question the future of human civilisation on planet Earth, to my mind strongly challenged by climate unbalances to come, which are in fact only the reflection of the aggravating economical, political and social chaos mankind lives in. Strangely, this vision can still be full of poetry and beauty...



Climate change

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